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Ever wondered what mysterious lurk in the depths of the lake? Come with us and discover the legends that have been told for generations. Seek the unknown and embrace the ride!

The monster spotting boat tour welcomes you on board! Don’t forget your binoculars!

Across many cultures we see stories of “lake monsters” ranging from Nessie in Loch Ness Scotland to Tahoe Tessie in the USA, Nahulito in Argentina, Lagarfljot worm in Iceland and Lariosauro in Italy! These lake dwelling monsters ravish folklores world wide…. They can’t all be wrong… right??

Designed by Dom and inspired by his Scottish heritage and the most famous of all lake monsters… Nessie!

Hand drawn design, hand screen printed by Danielle and Dom.

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Organic Caramel Hoodie with deep turquoise ink - Kids

Organic Caramel Sweater with deep turquoise ink - Adults

Organic Sweaters:

85% organic cotton
15% recycled polyester
Fully sustainable

DISPATCH TIMES: These items are hand printed. There is a 15 working day turnaround time for dispatch currently.

+Please note each and every one of our designs is printed by hand therefore there may be some minor variations in each piece. Our printing style prints the designs with a retro feel including fades. We believe this enhances the organic and sustainable quality to our garments as they are not mass produced and create very little waste and each one is unique!!